Turkey dinner or Ham?

12 10 2011

On big holidays like Easter or Thanksgiving or Christmas we almost always cook a turkey (about 12 – 15 lbs) or a ham.  We won a turkey after shopping for a turkey – sounds strange.  Here goes – yes we had shopped for our turkey and had it in the trunk of our car and decided to go to the local Legion for a quick beer.  They have a meat draw on weekends and so we paid $2.00 for 3 tickets for a chance to win a choice of meats but on this day it was all turkeys.  On the last draw my numbers came up and I won a big bird!!!  So now we had two frozen turkeys!!  We cooked one on that holiday and now we still have another to use fairly soon.  I have read that turkey can be kept frozen for well over a year and that the flavor just becomes less flavorful the longer it is frozen.

Ham is a lot less work but if I had to choose I would still prefer a turkey.  This week was Thanksgiving here and we had a turkey in the oven and decided to slip up to the Legion to try the meat draw again with our company.  We were only gone about 40 minutes so there was no need for the fire department.  (just kidding)  Anyways our family both won meat in the draw – one package of 2 slabs of ribs and the other was a nice ham roast (bone in).  They gave us half of the ham which we cooked last night – so delicious!!!!  Another nice memory and maybe a new tradition for us – going to the Legion on the holiday weekend.




2 responses

12 10 2011

Yum hard to choose have both !! Lots of leftovers yum again !

12 10 2011

I know – we had turkey and ham tonight!! Still delicious!

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