Happy Easter, Pascoa Feliz

6 04 2012

Happy Easter, Pascoa Feliz
If you click the link above – it is a video of Fabio, The Chef making Easter Brunch. It’s
Happy Easter to my friends and family.  Sorry I haven’t been blogging much lately.  We went to Portugal in March – check out my other blog at http://jacksjule.blogspot.com.  It was a great time. This Easter is going to be different for us.  Jack’s daughter, Amanda and boyfriend, Johnny have gone to visit Amanda’s sister and hubby in Sanya, China.  Apparently it is called the “Hawaii” of China.  Usually we cook a turkey or a ham and have lots of veggies and then I make a big dessert.  We had planned to have my Mom over but she got a very bad cold yesterday and spent the day in bed.  She is 85 and at that age she is doing fairly well but I don’t want her to push herself to come here.  I think sometimes she overdoes things – she joins everything going and loves her choir but there is a need to take it easy too!  Sometimes she says the choir teacher pushes them too hard and I keep telling her at her age she should just do what she wants – no pressure.  She puts pressure on herself.

So tonight my husband Jack is going to buy us fish as it is Good Friday and we don’t eat meat today.  I like the snapper at Costco – no bones.  We will see what he gets a bit later.

Saturday night we will go to a restaurant in Vancouver called Cafe Il Nido for a more romantic Italian dinner and we plan to walk around the city a bit first.  Depending on how much fun we are having we may stay downtown for the night at The Blue Horizon Hotel which is located right on Robson Street.

Whatever you are up to hope it is a great weekend!

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