BzzAgent Jaxjule reporting

5 10 2011
Flowering tree in our area

Hi – it’s me again on a dreary, drizzly day in Vancouver.  Wanted you to know that I am a newly appointed BzzAgent which means that I get the pleasure of trying samples of products and get to voice my honest opinions after trying them.

My first mission is to try Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner.  First I cleaned the toilet thoroughly.  Well it was easy enough to set up the starter kit myself – no man needed for that part.  Once assembled comes the fun part – just a quick tap on the foot pedal twice a day and the sprayer sprays out powerful bubbles that take all the work expected from me.  That’s right twice a day I get to step on the pedal and enjoy the nice “fresh mountain morning” scent.  I have had it for about a week and I believe that the cleaner should last for about a month.  At that point if I buy a refill it will cost me $4.99.  I’d pay $5.00 not to have to clean the toilet for a month – how about you?

Then I will have more time to think up interesting blogs  – stay tuned as I hope to share something special for our Canadian Thanksgiving  that we are celebrating next weekend.   Lots to be thankful for!!

If you want to enter the “Step on the One Step” for your chance to win instant prizes (I did) click this link: