The Leaves must fall

16 10 2011

What does fall mean to you?  To me it is a time when I can do the following:

1.  Put away my summer clothes;Lovely fall colors

2. Use my crock pot more for “winter food” as Jack calls it;

3.  Try to find a box of sweaters that had been put away before summer;

4.  Fold up the patio furniture and push in towards the wall;

5.  Put on the gas fireplace first thing in the morning – today it was only 69 degrees in our livingroom.  Brrrr!

6. Watch more Canucks hockey games;

7.  Get ready for a bit more rain and some snow.

It’s apparently football season so lots of people are glued a lot more to the tv because of that.  On October 27, 2011  I believe that Vancouver is having a night where you try to be “power smart” and turn off a lot of unnecessary appliances and lights.  I think we should do that more often.  I also think that once a week we should try having a night with no television, radio or computer.  I am sure there are a lot of other ways a person can entertain themselves.  A couple could play cards, cook together, make cookies together, walk to the local pub and share a beer and some wings.  My friend, Jenn would suggest that a couple workout together if possible – she thinks that is fun.  Now that she has a beautiful baby of almost one her workouts have to be on her own while her hubby stays with baby and then he gets up at 5:30 a.m. to get in his workout before work.  I admire this young couple – they are both certified Cross Fit trainers and just love the Cross Fit program and all the benefits it gives to them.  There are always some renovations to be done around the house and we don’t always get around to them when there is a soccer game on the computer or I am in the middle of watching “The X Factor”.  Think about it, it may be very enriching to the relationship as well to set aside one day a week – maybe one day a month to start where you find “other” things to do.